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talked about the root cause of the fire, and he answered questions about a federal investigation, a criminal probe into whether chevron tried to hide four years worm of emission autos clearly epa feels it should further the investigation warranted. >> officials say they did not intentionally install a pipe to bypass a mission monitoring equipment at the richmond refinery for a four-year period. and there is a general manager says the pipe was there to relief -- relief pressure in the system. chevron is now the object of a criminal investigation by epa, trying to determine whether it was the routing of the pipe was accidental or intentional. ate lous the refine troy burn off a small amount of hydrocarbons undetected.
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inspectors discovered this problem in 2009. and last year, fined chevron $170,000. >> air district found the problem, told chef tron take the path out, which they did. it's been corrected so now, gases go through the flare monitoring but for four years, they did not. >> chevron announced a further ice he slated the cause of the fire. >> we expect the thinning of the piping component that failed is likely due to a damaged mechanism. >> and this month, u.s. chemical safety board says chevron knew about the detereration and failed to replace the inspection of pipe that ruptured and this evening, they're joining investigators for a community meeting. >> and there is everybody that wants answers and wants answers, now, including chevron. they want to get on their
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w.their lives, also. >> and again this, meeting goes until 8:00 tonight here at the civic center plaza auditorium wech understood they were expecting the general manager to make an appearance tonight and they were dispatted to learn that he would not attend and we asked chevron about that. they said he has another engagement. >> and are several schools in concord placed under lock down as police captured a parole considered armed and dangerous and sky 7 was overhead. police found the man at forest view and live oak avenue no. word on what the charge is against this wanted parole. >> there is unanswered questions after police shot and killed a man. officers say the man was coming at them with a deadly
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weapon. and we find abc 7 news with the latest. heather? >> there is police say it was two officers and one seasoned veteran. it started here at dirty bird lounge and there is a a patron started firing ask police went looking for him. >> police officers shot and killed a man driving the car this morning. the car matched a description of one driven by a man who just injured one or two people. officers spotted the sedan and tried to stop the driver. >> the driver threw the vehicle into reverse, officers recognized this was an assault with this motor vehicle. and deadly weapon in this circumstance. >> and the road between east 12th and mission was closed much of the day for the
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investigation. and this will take more time before details are released. >> officers did fire and we're still determining how much shots were fired and some will be tightened up when we interview officer autos police believe the man they killed opened fire inside of the lounge. sam king was spinning vinyl whit happened and ended up with a bullet in his lip. he says he pulled it out himself. >> was it a piece? or the whole thing? >> and this was the whole thing. >> it looked like a 9 mm. >> king says the shooter had been dancing and having fun, but got angry, possibly in a fight over a girl. >> you can tell when something is about to go down. in this case it just happened, quick and this went from everyone smiling to running in an instant. >> today, he retrieved his records and plans to be back
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here djing next week. >> and how are you doing now with your lip? >> it didn't hurt, it's just embarrassing. you know? i'm okay. >> the coroner says they've identified the victim. the lounge owner says he's been in this spot three and a half years and it's a mellow crowd. he's looking forward to this blowing over as quickly as possible. >> thank you, heather. >> a prince spal in jail tonight following a brief court appearance, the 42-year-old is charged with five felony drug counts. police say that he offered drugs to an under cover officer. no drugs were found on lewis, investigators say they found methamphetamine, ecstasy and
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ghb during a search of the home. >> this is shocking to the community. it's important we treat him the same as any other person coming through the system. >> and there was a rough day in santa clairea. lewis has been a principal seven years, news stunned parents and administrators. >> we're shocked. and i think shocked is the word that keeps coming from everybody. >> this h.we're disappointed. he's respected here. >> it's surprising everybody. surprising everybody. yes. and so that is what happened. >> he is being held in lieu of $25,000 bail, expected back in court on friday. >> there is changes underway in one school after a 9-year-old girl was taken by a stranger. the little girl escaped by kicking the man and running back to the school. and abc 7 news is live with
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new information. >> this is what we have. the man police say attempted this abduction was arrested friday night. and there is new information a source told me is that detectives were on the phone with him and this is when they were asked to come down to police head quarters and that is where, and when, he was arrested. police wanted answers after an attempted child abduction. >> i was surprised the fact someone could go take a child out of the school. it should be a safe place. >> and police say the 9-year-old girl man wrathed to kick the man and run bil. the district alerted parents through a service. >> the suspect in this case has been scribed as a white neal his 20s or 30 autos teachers met with students to go over procedure autos nobody
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goes anywhere alone. don't play in unattended areas of the playground. if you see someone without a badge, tell adults. >> police say in ability, that same day the 25-year-old went to another school but was escorted off campus a cording to the investigation he offered alcohol to some students from bay side stem academy. and abc 7 news found out he was convicted of drunk driving in san mateo county. >> the range has run as high from kidnapping to the child annoyance. it's a broad range of charges and we'll bhaik that assessment tomorrow. >> officials from this school district met with parents to assure them there will be
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changes including putting up more fences at gates. >> everybody has a badge. we're going to clogs the campus. >> parents are being asked to be more vigilant. >> i'm hoping that it's a wake up call for us to be more involved. and you just never know when this can happen again. >> and there are police expected to release a picture tomorrow, they won't do so today. and this is because it's an ongoing investigation and the police department and the da also said that they didn't want any potential witnesses to be tainted by having seen the photo. as for the 9-year-old she came to school today and one official told me she was cheerful. >> and there is a 67-year-old san jose man arrested for trying to poison his girlfriend with water, spiked
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with chlorine. the girlfriend is a 63-year-old paish glent a nursing home, employees called police when he brought in bottles of water that smelled like bleach, reportedly telling his girl frintd it was vitamin water. >> today, the chief went to the mission district to explain why this officer fired on an armed man last week. the man was a felon with a handgun. abc 7 news is live now where the chief is about to begin another meeting. vic? >> this community center is where the supervisor will hold a meeting to discuss the shooting and vandalism that occurred afterwards, as well as fatal shooting that happened a week ago, sunday, also in the mission.
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this chief, as you said, will be here and held a meeting this morning in the mission that. one got really heated. >> and we're going to try to get that back for you on this morn's meeting. but the chief held a meeting this morning in the commission district. and he came to exep plain what happened thursday night. and officer shot and wounded a felon whof was on parole. i see we have the package now, let's go that and you'll get more details. >> and thank you officers who are on the streets risking their lives. >> and he praised police and the chief told the crowd that
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the suspect was a 22-year-old gang member paroled in san francisco. >> two people were shot including an innocent 15-year-old. >> he says the officer shot and wounded him when he refused an order. he believes the man was on the way that night to retaliate for a fatal shooting. it was not all a love fest. >> if you want to run around to do that, you should ab rested. >> there are 7 aprotestors, some vandalizing small businesses and two bags as well as police stations. and there is the same thing happened april 30th when demonstrators marched through the mission, creating haf yolk,
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saying police did nothing then and nothing friday. >> and there is nothing but police officers defending their police station while rest of us being left to our own. >> and there are others also angry. >> how many arrests have been made? practically none. when there are arrests made they're led off without charge autos the chief responded this way. >> when we've been able to make arrests we make them. and that will be the case going forward. >> and there is the gym owner tells us he's considering filing a lawsuit against the city and police department. there is another meeting here tonight. the chief will try tochl plain what happened thursday night as well as a fatal shooting that happened on sunday. >> and there is more still to
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come at 6:00 including a condition update on dareus hayward bay, raiders receiver took a hit at the coliseum yesterday. >> from southern california a wildfire destroyed 20 homes and threatened dozens more costing a life as well. >> and there is a allegations changed the
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the trial of a crime lab worker and getting underway in
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san francisco this week. and the police department when it came with a lot of changes. abc 7 news joins us now with more on that case as well as those changes. >> there are attorneys on both sides finished picking their jury. the six men, six women will be hearing opening statements tomorrow and its a trial getting a fair amount of attention. the impact goes far beyond the fate of madden. deborah madden retired from her job in late 2009 and this is in the midst of an audit cocaine was missing from the lab. she admitted she took small amounts of cocaine. >> i think her actions brought discredit and cost san francisco a lot of money. she needs to be responsible to it it cost can fran millions
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of dollars. 500 cases were dismissed because of missing or tainted evidence. and police closed the unit and it's still closed today accord together public defender. >> the drug lab shut down. and the drug testing was being outsourced to other labs. >> and he says that is happening and adds... it's had an impact on san francisco drug enforcement. >> i think one good thing that came out of the scandal is that san francisco will begin looking how it pryor tiesed the investigation. >> and i'd say probably 0 or 30% fewer arrests from what is called buy bust cases making buys on the streets. >> he says now, police are looking at treatments instead of jail time for drug
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possession and there are arrests and prosecutions has fallen. and there is a crime lab recertified price twis and the police department says problems have been corrected. and there is now madden's turn to answer. >> this is a federal trial. >> and madden's trial expected to take four days she's not expected to testify. her attorney will argue action dz not have remt almost of fraud required for a conviction. >> oakland raiders wide receiver darious hayward bay is out of the hospital tonight. he took a hit to the head in the fourth quarter of yaesd victory, laying motionless on the field several minutes before being taken to the hospital.
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this he is expected to make a full recovery. >> giants take us to the placeoff goesing fast and season ticket holders are grabbing seats and there is presail started today online. the team expects to have 6,000 or 7,000 tickets remaining for random customers who sign up online. and that is exciting time autos let's check on the fall forecast. >> yes. >> temperatures falling and we head into wednesday, then, they'll start to recover in a big way. we'll talk about that in just a moment. there is a live picture, you can see there is a healthy marine layer. there is san francisco, you can see marine layer is deechl
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we're in for a night of fog. there is what it looks like. the fog near the coastline. that held temperatures down today with that deep marine layer slow to clear from the bay side skpinland communities. temperatures down and there are mid-50s on the coast. mild, low 80s range inland. there is a forecast. coastal fogland, sunny skies tomorrow going to be cooler heading into wednesday. so there is mainly 50s expect 46 in clover dale. we'll see low clouds and fog around. you'll need to bundle up as you leave home for work or taking kids to school. there is a weak trough so first thing in the morning you'll notice fog inland and there is a slow down back to
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the coastline. temperatures into afternoon into 80s inland. keeping it nice, warm for you there. 70s around the bay. there is 50s and 60s close to that marine layer influence there. there is mild to warm away from the coastline. there is mild conditions, 72 in san mateo. fog giving way to sunshine. 75 in menlo park. coastal areas you're going to have to deal with fog so there is pacifica, 59 degrees. there is 59 for the high tomorrow afternoon there is where you'll see wide range of conditions almost summer like, 62 in stintson beach. 92 degrees in clear lake. 81 in santa rosa. there is 70s in oakland and 72 in hayward. you can start out clear and
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warm up early. so there is little impact there. there is a warm afternoon in fairfield there is 67 in watsonville. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. low 60s to upper 80s tomorrow, almost identical temperatures to today. there is a slight dip on wednesday, dropping into mid-80s inland. low 60s coastside. tonl warm up starting thursday. we start to crank heat at the coast. low 70s along the coastline. your weekend low 90s inland around timt where you'll have to switch back to shorts and short sleeves. and there is beautiful weather. >> right. >> thanks sandhya. >> coming up next, new fallout from billy joe armstrong's las vegas melt down. >> a dark day for green day.
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the story just ahead.
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a wildfire destroyed 20 homes has now claimed a hive. the fire has been burning
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since sunday near the campo indian reservation. crews found a body inside of a charred home. the neighbor says a disabled man live there'd and refused to evacuate. >> i think he's still in there. they got it blocked off. his truck is still there. he only had one leg. if his truck is there, he's in the house. >> and there is no word on what started this fire, it's about 10% contained tonight. burning more than three square miles and continues to threaten homes. >> for motors today, cancel green day concert this friday night. that is following what they're calling a melt down by the lead singer, green day performing at i heart radio concert and given a one minute signal to wrap up, armstrong went ballistic.
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>> armstrong checked himself into rehab for substance abuse. there has been no makeup date but still listed on the web site is a series of performances kicking off in about a month in sacramento, reno and santa cruz. >> medical news, if you've never heard of contributal negative breast cancer, consider yourself fortunate. >> and from campaign trail tonight, mitt romney on the president's foreign policy. >> four hour factory melee interrupting
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break through by researchers here in the bay area could lead to treatments for a deadly form of breast cancer. the study probed genetic asks
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turned up a finding. >> lieu visa discovered a lump on her breast. it turned out to be a rare, aggressive form. >> this is what you have. triple negative. i haven't heard it laid out that way. >> triple negative breast cancer often strikes younger women, like louisa, a p 1-year-old mother of toddlers. there is a high mortality rate among african american women. >> i think the fact it's affecting young women is alarming. >> typically chemotherapy drugs zero in on three common protein buzz it doesn't have the targets it can be very difficult to treat. and now, that could be changing thanks to a break through study in novato. >> this study tells us when we look at everything we can look at where the most cutting edge
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technology available in the country and world there are four main types of breast cancer. >> dr. benson is team are part of a major project tochl plor the genomes of 20 different types. and there is massive computer networks measure cancers in different way ways. >> this is about willowing down a giant hair ball to find the center. we see the center. >> what researchers found is not only that there are four main category buzz one of them actually resembles a different kind of cancer. >> in fact it's more like high grade ovarian cancer. what that does is not just interest and this tells us we should be repurposing treatments and applying to it
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breast cancer. >> saying it's exciting because there are several new drugs already available for the cancers. there are hopes they will target the same pathway autos opening up, i think very novel avenues and opportunities for treatment for patients. >> and offering new hope for other triple negative patients, she's remained cancer free after surgery and treatment. >> and i didn't want to step away. >> the stakes are high. triple negative breast cancer kills 40,000 women a year in the united states alone and to read more go to abc 7
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>> governor brown signed two important bills over the weekend. one eliminates guidelines preventing younger women from getting mammograms and other requiring doctor dwrorz notify a woman when the mammogram detects dense breast tissue making cancer more difficult to detect. >> with just over six weeks before the november election mitt romney is taking aim at president obama's foreign policy. and he attacked the president for calling recent attacks in the middle east and muslim protests just a bump in the road he said developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. yes that. is my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> the president did not comment on foreign affairs when taping an appearance on the view today. he took the opportunity to slam romney on his 60 minutes
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interview when asked if it was fair that he paid a lower tax rate than a person making $50,000 a year he said yes. that is fair and he said that is the way you've got economic growth. i have a different vision about how to grow an economy its the first time the president and first lady appeared together on the view. >> there is a major riot broke out in an electronics plant in china resulting in a shut down prof dux. it's about 300 miles from bejing, one of many owned by the electronics manufacturer fox con. apple one of the key customers. ba. c 7 news joins us live. >> it's an important contractor here and makes circuit boards but is big in china there are parts assembled into products forth
6:37 pm
companies. but when there is a break in the supply chain kit trigger a domino affect. it's not clear what triggered this riot. it may have accelerated after reports today. and the rioters were turned in. this goes against a social order china likes to maintain. and this is akeerding to an exnert doing business in china. >> there is a strong incentive to see full employment or as close to it as possible. for workers many know their work conditions aren't legal or are poor but don't protest because they want the job. >> however, the china plants have come under fire after a number of sue sides aed is kt
6:38 pm
complaints of poor working conditions and low pay. this is video shot where apple ipad are assembled. the individual yes shot by workers. >> i think they have a real concern that this expresses to other factories and plants this is going to impact production of goods. it's part of the economy. >> it's typical they live, work, social yidz and sleep together in dormitories leaving no separation from work and personal lives. >> there is a job the government ends up the share holders of companies to see the work is not exemployedde exemployedded -- exploited and brutal for the workers. >> we know it happened in a plant that makes electronics for the auto industry but also make smz parts for apple. apple isn't saying for which products.
6:39 pm
fox consays it's still trying to investigate what caused that riot. >> thank you very much. >> there is more still to come including why facebook stock is taking another tumble. >> tiny apartment that's can save you a lot of money
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a set of new laws gives the public utilities commission more power regulate
6:42 pm
pg&e. the first requires the cpuc to adopt safety regulations made by the national transportation safety board. other two give more power evaluate the state utilities and regulate bonuses. assemblyman jerry hill says they put the cpuc on notice. he blames lax regulations and the cause of the san bruno gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people two years ago. >> this is now the law and a requirement. and assemblyman hill said the law is aimed to change the culture at pg&e. and a spokesperson says it is working with the cpuc to make change autos we're working to change the culture at pg&e so that safety is put first in everything we put in the field.
6:43 pm
>> they have yet to fine pg&e for its role. >> coming up next expansion of a trader joe's peanut butter recall. >> nice work when you get it. the golf course for a very good cause, the story coming good cause, the story coming up. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake?
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i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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a peanut butter recall has been expanded to include 76 tichgs of peanut and almond butter started with creamy peanut butter found at trader joe's. and this has not been directly corrected to any salmonella. >> and tonight a big pay out for tiv och. verizon agreed to pay $250 million to settle a patent dispute agreeing to license video recording technology for six years. the third such settlement and
6:47 pm
they're due to go up against motto yola and cisco. >> the dow industrial index today ended down and germany has the best national economy in the european union and tow yoit -- toyota planning to offer 2 is new hybrids, all new electric cars later in the year and a fuel cell vehicle by 2015. >> there is san francisco may give new meaning to the word down sizing scheduled to vote on changes to the building code that would allow smallest apartments in the country, 220 square feet. double of size of a prison cell. and there is backers say they will be a cheaper option for
6:48 pm
single renters in a city where average rent is $2700 a moch we now understand tomorrow's vote may be postponed. >> people carefully watching this one. >> let's check on the forecast now. >> there is good tok a return of summer time. >> yes. there is going to bring summer back in fall. there is often warm weather in fall. there is 98 degrees in san diego. 75 towards tahoe. 71 degrees and sunshine. there is sacramento into low 90s, here in the bay area, temperatures today. 61 in half moon bay and there is up to 81 in santa rosa. and there is a bit of a dip on wednesday before warmth returns, thursday, mid-90s
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inland. it's beach weather friday through sunday, low 70s along the coastline. and there is abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer. and you can click to enter if you like us, you can still enter. go to our page and click that button to enter. >> fantastic. >> we're not eligible and we can't do it. >> you can. >> yes absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> hundreds of deserving bay area children will head to summer camp thanks to a charity event hosted by dan ashley. the friends of camp concord golf tournament is raising money today. there is a field full of
6:50 pm
golfers and tonight they'll dine in a banquet and auction to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help send children to camp. >> there is a great cause. we sent about 7500 kids to summer camp and this is kids otherwise would not be able to afford the funt toount f you'd like to support friends of camp concord go to abc 7 there is a link to connect
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up, who won't want a brand new iphone 5? what happens when you glue the new gadgets to the pavement. and that is at 11:00 will it be a bor or girl? controversial decision drawing parents from around the world oosz and right now, shu is here to talk about all kinds of stuff. >> there is raiders beat the
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steelers and there is a concussion and a neck strain. they got darren mcfadden on track there is this 64 yarder for a touchdown. there is raider was no fumbles and one interception. there is 384 yards passing and there is three penalties for the game. >> any time there is success, you know reenforces a message you've been trying to preach. there are more players from the staff and organization to see. >> there is a great win. it's a fast booster and we
6:55 pm
want to keep stacking win autos 49ers found out you can't just show up. there is the first three turnover game in the era and their worst loss. alex smith overthrowing receivers and there is defense stunned in the first drive of the game. there his team down the field on a 16 play drive first of two touchdown passes and running one. niners will regroup and may be a good thing they're staying to prepare for the jets next sunday and so they can concentrate on getting back on the winning track. it's time to step up to get rid of the refs not only for the game but safety of the players. there is a yesterday jim
6:56 pm
harbaugh allow two plays and going to cost two turnovers and gave minnesota the victory. there is a no penalty calls and patriots head coach so frustrated he put his hands on a ref after the game. and a's have 10 games left with seven against rangers there is a's in texas to start a four game set. there is a attack-0 a's. a's playing long ball.
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there is a highlights tonight at 11:00. and there is or yils and blue jays steve johnson pulls a bat out of the hands of ed win incarnation. there is a lead, and then, into the 5th there is game one of a double header and will have a game and a half lead in the world card. green bay taking on seattle. >> thank you very much. that is it from this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from larry, shu, >> and from larry, shu, spence-- captions by vitac --
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- an educational consultant from sylva, north carolina... a violinist and dueling pianist from glastonbury, connecticut... and our returning champion-- a conservation jousitter from abiquiu, new mexico... whose 2-day cash winnings total...

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